Advice on how to burn fat fast

In the bulk of cases, most people I recommend a slow and disciplined approach. Everyone knows, of course, that each of us there are times 0-6 Pack Abs Review when you need to reset the maximum fat ynedus in minimum amount of time (for example, before any event). And sometimes it is not just about the impatience, but rather on the need - for example, when we will soon photoshoot, competitions, shooting or just some meaningful to you personally event like vacation, during which you must shine a figure worthy of the track at the pool in Vegas ... and time is running out.

I've seen a lot of beginners who want a bit of "victim" ("hard work", so if you like) in a few weeks to lose the maximum amount of fat, in spite of the associated discomfort and the process required for a great discipline. So that…

Here's my advice if you need to quickly get rid of excess fat:

1. The rate of discharge of oil, equal to 0.5-1 kg per week - this is a typical and very good indicator. But for the active person with a medium or large physique is quite real and possibly lose and 1.5-2 kg of fat per week. Even at 2.5 kg. This is me just call the program for rapid fat loss, meaning that in this case, the process is faster than usual. Be prepared to work until you drop and obey almost monastic discipline (basically it will be to a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet and serious training).

2. The more you fat, the faster you will be able to get rid of him; than you "land", the slower you should lose it, to preserve lean muscle mass. Besides application that all can be safely and rapidly burn a pound of fat per week, regardless of the percentage of the initial content thereof in the organism are false. If you have a lot of excess weight, even a high rate of loss is possible. Keep in mind that the rate of fat loss depends on the existing deficit of calories, and the people larger, the greater the calorie deficit, he can create (compared to people of more modest physique).

3. Rapid fat loss is not for everyone. Regardless of your original volume and the amount of body fat, if you have already passed through periods of binge eating or diet "effect of yo-yo" (in which there are sharp fluctuations in weight), you definitely need to choose a path of slow and consistent fat loss, focusing on changing lifestyles and habits. Forget about the "diet", offering quick weight reduction.